Journalism career

John’s newspaper days were long enough ago that there’s no evidence of them on the Web. All he’s got are some columns and articles from The Daily Journal (suburban Chicago) that his Mom saved.  And yes, that is sort of a mullet you see in the column photo.

It was all a hoot, though.

Especially interviewing a surviving Munchkin. (Rumors of sex-gorged little people tearing up the Oz set in drunken orgies were, she insisted, “blown out of proportion.”)

Daily JournalHe got to be a mall Santa, too.  And there was the exclusive he landed with Bob Denver, who was doing an opening for a local bar. When the two met back in the kitchen, Bob Denver had on his Gilligan outfit, including red shirt and navy gob hat; in one hand he held a Miller High Life, in the other a cigarette.

John’s childhood ended that night.